01 May 2011

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("studio cosmos, kingdom of tonga" by bryant austin, via hither and thither)
boston was beautiful this weekend. on saturday we went to beltane, michael's house formal, and had a blast. i ate my weight in chocolate strawberries. today we worked at the community garden. we planted an apple tree! i have very little experience gardening, but i really enjoyed it. it's got me thinking that maybe i should find a local garden to help out at! anyway, here are some links i have enjoyed:

isn't this a darling little shop? here are a few of my favorites.

mom on maternity leave+a napping baby=extra time for creativity!

how cute are these baby giraffes? it's hard to believe these guys are six feet tall!

here is an article from the new york times all about obama's mom,
stanley ann dunham. little obama is too cute!

i am loving these 'rosettes' and what a beautiful dress!
you can see their full wedding here.

i think it's about time i take down my christmas and valentine's day lights. wouldn't this be nice to put in their place?

mark sundeen, a freelance writer for the new york times, took a road trip around iceland. the photos are amazing. i am dreaming of a trip there myself.

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