08 May 2011

a weekend of procrastination

michael snapped this picture on his iphone yesterday evening as our bus left new york for boston. this is my last trip of the semester. i'll be back in new york tomorrow, and then off to tennessee and georgia for the rest of the week. michael will be flying to houston, tx a week from today and will then be off to work on his family ranch until we see each other in july. the next two months will be fun and busy, but i sure will miss my sweetheart.

on the bright side, finals are almost done and summer is so close. this weekend has been all about cleaning and finishing up work for the end of the semester. here are some finds from my study breaks:

what's in a name?

a rooftop garden

why have i never been here?! dunkin' doughnuts just doesn't do it for me.

a rocking chair for two!

anthropologie's bhldn has released a line of wedding decor. it is simply inspiring.

a sweet print.

this inspiring shoot gets five gold stars. check out the creator's blog for some diy projects from the shoot!

pretty poppy posy pins on etsy.

bookshelf porn


  1. lovely links. I like "the inspired bride" very much. :)

  2. That name article was really interesting. Thanks for sharing! Oh and I've been in a long distance relationship for several months now. It's not easy sometimes, but if you love each other, you'll get through it just fine and only appreciate the other more. This I promise you. Invest in a webcam too and it will become your new best friend.