29 June 2011

sew happy

today i did my final presentation and took my last test for my first session of classes. i am glad to have the work finished but i'm super sad that the classes are over because they were both very interesting and i learned a lot. oh well, my new classes start on tuesday so it will be nice to have a homework free weekend. as soon as i got out of class, i finally took out my sewing machine. my parents gave it to me for my birthday back in may but things have been so busy that i hadn't even taken it out of the packaging yet! i'm very excited. it is so shiny and new! it has been awhile since i used a machine so i have a few simple patterns to get back into the groove of things. hopefully i'll be able to make these (and more!) in the next month or so!
ok, so this pattern is actually for little girls at least ten years younger than me but i would definitely wear something like this. the little buttons down the back are too sweet. i need to find a similar pattern in a young lady size.
these coasters from martha stewart are so simple and functional. you can never have too many coasters. 
tie for my darling. he better get ready, he's going to have a lot of new ties when he gets back from uganda. luckily, ties are a wonderful accessory for every season. 
aren't these strawberry pillows adorable? they are super simple to make just about as summery as you can get. i love how she used the patterned fabric. 
and last, but not least, this adorable fox lamp. i can't get over how cute this is. it would be great for a nursery, bust seeing as how i don't have a nursery it will just have to stay in my room for now. the fox pattern is actually for a stuffed animal that they show you how to modify. it's also quite possible that i will end up with a stuffed fox because this cutie-pie would make a nice cuddle buddy too. 


  1. Ooooh those coasters are cute! I want:-)

  2. i am pumped you put up these sewing ideas. i am going to try one of them:)