09 August 2011

songs for studying

i hate studying in complete silence. it drives me insane. on the other hand, i don't like when it's noisy either. i also can't concentrate if i'm listening to music that i would usually sing along to (with a few exceptions). michael and i usually listen to classical music when we are studying together (which is a lot of the time) but when i'm on my own, i have a special playlist of calm and not-too-distracting songs that i like to put on. here are a few of my favorite selections for study time:
flume-bon iver
oats we sow-gregory and the hawk
pulling our weight- radio department
my father's father-civil wars
all the trees of the field will clap their hands-sufjan stevens 

what's your favorite study/work music? or do you prefer silence? 

1 comment:

  1. Oh I really enjoyed these. I haven't heard any of this stuff before. I've been really into music from Bart Davenport. I think this is my favorite song (if I had to pick) http://youtu.be/7g-DOc9gVhM The video is extra cute.