26 March 2012

the weekend.

man, oh man. this weekend felt like it was ten weekends long, and not in a good way. basically, the entire weekend was spent interviewing possible sub-letters and showing the apartment. finding roommates has been extremely stressful. i am just counting down the days until michael is my only roommate. now that is a lovely thought! 
did get to take one break on saturday. for christmas, my parents gave me beginner knitting classes at purl soho. this weekend was my first one! i was so nervous going in. i had literally no idea how the whole knitting thing worked. the ladies in my family sew, so i had never even seen someone knit anything until this weekend. at first it was tricky getting the hang of how the needles and my fingers worked together. i've been practicing every free moment since then and am starting to get the hang of it. i think the hardest part is not restarting the whole thing if it isn't turning out exactly how it should be. it's kind fun to look at the bottom and see the stitches improve as they go up! i'll keep y'all updated on how it's going...
and, last but not least, the giveaway! i will announce the winner later tonight so make sure and check back if you entered.
happy monday everyone!


  1. What a great gift! I taught myself how to knit via YouTube as a means to quit smoking, before I got pregnant. It worked, and I quite enjoyed it. I had to quit knitting when I got pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome (indeed!), and I haven't been able to pick it back up since my son was born! Sometimes, I just gaze at my yarn stash forlornly. Maybe one day? Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your lessons!

  2. bah you have been so busy, and i love that you knit!

  3. Wow busy busy! I want to take up knitting again. I could never really make anything good though :P I would just sit and knit long stretches of what looked like scarves :P

  4. Hooray for knitting! I've always wanted to learn too.

  5. Oh yes, I can imagine looking for rookies in NYC would be a pain. But makes looking forward to married life even more sweet!