01 October 2013

october goals

being back at school after only a year off, my internal calendar still has me thinking of fall as the start of a new year. there are so many things i want to be doing and fixing. september was an excellent lesson in balancing school, married life and lovely friends. looking ahead to october, i want to...

take advantage of my mornings. simple things like having a cup of coffee in the backyard and some living room pilates. maybe a little quiet time with some good books. michael’s grandmother, nonnie, gave me a little book of celtic prayers a while back and i’ve barely even dived in!

take advantage of all the free events and opportunities around me. oh man, there are so many.

give rosemary more cuddles. that little bunny loves getting snuggles 24/7 and it certainly brightens my day to rub her sweet little nose.

show my love in small ways. it’s easy to plan an elaborate date night or buy fancy little gifts, but, with our current budget in mind, i want to find more little things i can do for my sweetie.

give more. whether it is baking for friends or taking on volunteer opportunities that come up, i would love to spend more of my time thinking about others.

make the bed in the morning and leave the kitchen clean at night. i am a clean freak (i’ll admit it.) but my crazy school schedule and michael’s crazy interview and teaching schedule means that having a clean house is especially tough for us. i’m sure it will get better as we adjust to the new schedule, but some little changes would certainly make for a more peaceful home.

do you have anything special you want to accomplish this month? happy fall, everyone!

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