21 April 2011

city love

let me start off by saying: i am not a t-shirt person. i am also not a jeans person. i am almost always wearing a dress or a skirt of some kind. but, the other day I was babysitting, i noticed one of the little one's new t shirts:


i think it is just the cutest thing. in general, i love rats. living in the city, rats and pigeons make up the majority of wildlife i see. during the summer, i can usually hear the rats who live in the trash cans across the street darting about, getting into fights which results in lots of squeaking. ok, maybe those guys are not so cute, but growing up i had three pet rats and loved them. they are very clean and smart and never bite! anyway, i fell in love with the little one's shirt so i decided to see if they made any in sizes larger than 2T. look what i found!:


they are made by brooklyn industries. this one is not quite as colorful as the kid's one, but i am still in love and will be getting one asap. they also have a style in the women's section but, on the rare occasions when i do wear t-shirts, i much prefer the men's fit. the buildings in the background of the men's shirt are a nice touch too.

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