24 April 2011

happy easter!

what a delightful easter it has been! the festivities began last night with a little dinner party. all but one of us is from the south, so we just had a ham and all the fixins: green bean casserole,  mashed potatoes, and mac&cheese. so yummy! we also had a bunny cake. unfortunately, we got so wrapped up in the fun that we had eaten the ears off before realizing we hadn't take a good picture!
this morning, michael and i went to an episcopal church near my apartment. the service was beautiful and the music was all very old and traditional (which i love!). afterwards, there was (as usual) much homework to be done. so, while michael worked on biology problem sets, i prepared a little picnic surprise on the fire escape. we had a lovely time watching people coming and going from tompkins square park, listening to music and working on the leftover ham. 
oh! this is the lovely early birthday gift i received from michael yesterday! i am in love!


  1. Bunny cake! Cute! And that picnic is just gorgeous....what a sweet couple you two make! Sounds like a nice weekend. I have mega curl envy, look at those lucious ringlets girl!

    Xx Claire

  2. Looks like a lovely Easter - love the cake!

    Gorgeous blog :)