11 May 2011

award love.

a big thanks to kathryn for giving me the stylish blogger award. being new to this blogging thing, it is a great way to get connected with others!

here are the rules that follow the award:
1. thank and link to person who gave the award.

2. share seven random facts about myself.
3. pass the award along to five new-found blogging buddies.
4. contact the winners to congratulate them.

here are my facts:
one. i am a climber. i will climb anything and everything. mom says i was 'climbing before i could walk.' we have a video of me, before i had evened turned two, climbing up to the top of our fences on my own (supervised of course:)
two. i was a vegetarian for seven years but seriously missed bacon the entire time.
three. i am addicted to wint-o-green mints. seriously. i'm talking i will eat a bag a day at the very least. they are just so tasty!
four. i am related to abraham lincoln. 
five. a heart is my favorite shape. 
six. i am still terribly afraid of the dark. (you'd think i'd be over that by now!)
seven. despite being a musical theatre major living in new york city, i have not seen a single broadway show this year. i have some catching up to do!

and my five stylish bloggers:
miss claire at jemima & geraldine
sarah at lusting after life
sofia at the lovely hunter
mackenzie at pretty.quirky.somethings
hanna at rucksack wonderer


  1. Okay, I am so glad that you came out and said #6...I am still afraid of the dark too! {I totally leap on to the bed right after turning out the light just in case something is under the bed to "get me"...I know, dorky, right?}

    xx Cat brideblu

  2. um, thank you so much for naming me a stylish blogger! you are so kind!