11 May 2011

shipping woes

tennessee is too hot right now! i stepped out of the airport doors and couldn't believe it. i was dressed for 6am in new york which was about 35 degrees cooler than 1pm in nashville. the mosquitoes, knowing i am terribly allergic, were ready and waiting. thanks to some benadryl to help with the bites, i fell asleep at 7:30pm and didn't wake up until this morning. needless to say, i got an early start today. after running a few errands with my daddy, i went back to the house to go through some things.
when i was in texas over spring break i picked up a few things that i wanted to save. since things get broken easily at my apartment in new york, i decided to ship my breakable purchases to tennessee for when i have a home of my own. it was like christmas!
:a green serving bowl $3
:a glass juice container [the perfect size for fresh juice for two] $2.50
:little bird salt and pepper shakers $4
:a hot air balloon mixing bowl $3
thrifting prices in texas are way better than new york. i also got a few vintage records and children's books, including a book about a squirrel named perry. too cute!

unfortunately, there were three items that didn't make it.
i'm not quite sure how it happened. they were all at different spots in the bow and wrapped up with newspaper and bubble wrap. i guess ups was not being very careful with my little box. i had been dreaming of homemade lemonade out of the striped pitcher and am a little sad but i am reminding myself that although they were one of a kind to me, there are probably thousands floating about. also, they only total $10 together so i'm not out too much money. 
::have any of you guys had a good find that broke before you could use it? 

oh well, i'm off to spend some time with my [not so] little brother and the [not so little anymore] puppies. let's hope i have a cool, bite-free evening!

oh! before i go, here is the new eisley video, smarter, that i just have to share. eisley has been one of my favorites for the past six years. this song is more on the rock side than the folk side but i still really love it. if there was only piano sheet music, it would make a great pop/rock audition song!

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  1. Oh no! Those sweet brooken treasures look so sad and lonely in the bottom of that box! Luckily a lot of goodness arrived safe and sound...love those bowls!!!!!

    xx Cat brideblu