23 May 2011

back to school

today is my first day of summer school. so far so good. i'm taking two classes for the first six weeks and two for the second six weeks. this term i'm taking 'when nightmares become real: trauma in adolescence' and 'theatrical genres: humor'. i'm not very excited about the second one but it helps fill my theatre studies requirements so i'm not complaining. while i wish that i had a few more days to do nothing, i enjoy summer classes overall. there are usually less than ten people in each class and you can focus on two subjects rather than four or five like during the fall or spring semester. i'm also preparing to take the g.r.e. in august. i'm mostly worried about the math portion of the test. i told michael, "i remember being able to do the math problems, i just don't remember how i did them." so...this should be interesting. personally, i feel like all i should need to know to teach three year olds is basic math, but nobody asked me!

here are my summer goals:
..reorganize my closet and under my bed (sooner rather than later).
..find an internship at a theater in the education department for the fall.
..bake something new once a week.
..craft something new once every two weeks (once a week if i'm feeling ambitious).
..make a dent in both my read/watch list. i would like to say i'll finish them both but with three theatre study courses this summer, i know i will end up reading at least 30 plays. so we'll see how that works out.
..spend at least 6 hours a week studying for the gre, ideally ten.
..begin preparing for the grad school application process.
..start packing lunches in my new plum goodbyn (discovered on bleubird vintage.)
..refresh my memory when it comes to the basics of french.


  1. Wow that’s a very impressive list I must say!!
    I love your black and white school photos very nice.
    I thought I would just drop a line and say hi I like your blog and I posted on my blog today my favorite choc chip recipe. It may help on your baking Endeavour

  2. Your trauma in adolescence class seems interesting, but then again, I was a psych major. As for the GRE, I wouldn't worry that much. I'm sure you'll do awesome, and with your major, they shouldn't judge you too harshly on the math portion. Oh and when you're done making cc cookies, I'm posting a recipe for blueberry lemon cheesecake bars tomorrow that are so delicious. I love the combination of blueberry and lemon, and they're both ingredients available (and on sale) right now.

  3. s. walton: i love chocolate chip cookies and am always up for a new recipe!

    sarah: the class has been fantastic! i am minoring in child and adolescent mental health and development and i have adored every class.