26 May 2011

yarn + love from afar

hello lovelies! today has been wonderful. i am already in love with both of my classes. i was totally wrong about the comedy in performance class. it is going to be amazing. we basically just watch or read funny performances and talk about why they are funny. awesome, right? another gold star for that class is the fact that tina fey's new book, bossypants, is on our required reading list. 
after class in the morning i went with one of my roommates, cathleen, to tiffany's. it was her first time. now i am not one for fancy jewelry but nothing sparkles like a tiffany's diamond. after that i came home and watched e! with my friend, taylor. while we were watching, i decided to make the pom pom garland, from momtastic, that i mentioned awhile back.
i am super excited with the results and now just need to find a place to put it! you can find detailed instructions here. (note: i don't have a fork like hers so i just wrapped the yarn around four fingers and it worked fine. also, i would advise trimming the pom poms over a bowl unless you want little colored fuzzies all over the place!  
lastly, one of my dreams came true today, thanks to my special someone. as it is our official two year anniversary, michael sent me this oh so refreshing edible arrangements bouquet. it was the perfect treat in the hot weather we are currently having here in nyc. 

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