18 May 2011

birthday love+links

i had a wonderful birthday yesterday. the night before, i had a sleepover with my cousin rachel and we had a ball, as usual. during the day, i finished up with school for the semester and spent some time hanging out with friends and watched the little one. the little one walked up and down all the subway stairs and two of the flights in his building. i think that was his little birthday gift to me.
i came home to mackenzie! this is the first time she has been to see me since i moved into my apartment. first place we went was the fire escape, of course.

after that we went to dinner at my absolute favorite resturant in all of new york city, guayoyo, then ran around the rainy city for the rest of the night.
-plantain chips with black bean sauce
-grilled sweet corn cakes with melted cheese between, topped with shredded pork cherry tomatoes and avocado
-sponge cake soaked in coconut milk

here are some links from around the web that have make me happy this week!

what a sweet little story!

sunset bubbles

look at these adorable polkadot bridesmaids dresses!

what could be cuter than a baby sea lion riding a turtle?

i need this clipboard!

what a yummy rainy day meal

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