16 May 2011

strong and sure lives the dream of atlanta

it feels like forever since my last post! i have been all over the place these past couple days. on friday, my family headed to atlanta. we got there pretty late but still had time for dinner with some friends. i had the most incredible chess pie with strawberries that had been soaked in brandy. so wonderful! on saturday we did some shopping at ikea and then headed to lagrange, ga to see some of our dearest friends. sunday morning, after a few wonderful meals and a showing of bridesmaids (which was very funny, by the way), we headed back to tennessee. last night we had a little birthday celebration of five guys and gigi's cupcakes. mom and my brother, zach, got birthday surprise, dad got cherry limeade and i got champagne, of course! this morning i flew back to new york where i am now trying to finish my final paper before my birthday tomorrow! i'll be back soon with some lovely links and the first update on mine and mackenzie's big adventure!


  1. I was suppose to travel to Atlanta for spring break one year, but the plans fell through. I'm so jealous of your trips, and those cupcakes look so good! Speaking of cupcakes, have you been to Sprinkles yet in NYC? I hear the new location even delivers (though I can imagine that could get pretty expensive). They're suppose to be amazing, so maybe that could be an added stop on your tour of the city with your cousin? Just a thought...

  2. Oh and happy early birthday!

  3. i've never had chess pie, but that sounds amazing! those cupcakes look awesome too. it sounds like you had a great time in atlanta:) i really want to go see bridesmaids too! hope you have a wonderful birthday!