28 May 2011

little monsters

well, i survived. it ended up being a very exciting/exhausting/memorable experience. here are a few photos that i captured with my iphone:

most of the wait was in the dark. it was super dirty with food and broken lawn chairs scattered about. there were also so many people that it was hard to sit down and not be in someone else's space. by about 4am, we starting to go crazy (see photos above.)
the sun finally came up around 5:15. by that point, our legs were just about to give out on us. the key to sitting in the crowds was to huddle together with our legs and bags as close to our bodies as humanly possible. not the most comfortable of positions. 
burger king was sponsoring the event and at about 6am they started throwing sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches into the crowd. we were lucky and snag one for the four of us to share. about half the sandwiches came unwrapped and disassembled while they were flying through the air. this meant there was a lot of ducking from flying egg patties and lots of sandwiches on the ground. let me just tell you that slipping on an egg patty in sandals is not the best feeling in the world.

at about 7:30 lady gaga came out and did a run through of her five songs. she also talked to the crowd and was super sweet. i really enjoyed watching the show (both times through) and just singing along with everyone. i'm not sure that i will be doing anything like that in the near future (i'm going to need some time to recover!) but i am glad i went last night. it was certainly a memory i will have for years to come. 

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  1. quote of the night: i nearly got nailed by an egg sandwich.

    i'm glad i found a place to put that, it was going to bother me...