26 May 2011

camp out in the park

tomorrow at 8am eastern time lady gaga will be giving a live concert to be aired on good morning america in central park. my friend, taylor, managed to snag a few tickets for the show so we are going to be camping out in central park tonight.  now, i enjoy lady gaga as much as the next person, but i am definitely doing this more for the whole camping out experience. during the school year there is never time for this sort of thing. i might as well take advantage of an opportunity like this when i can. i am the kind of person who needs at least seven hours of sleep to function so this should be interesting. luckily, the concert will be over by 9am so i can get some sleep tomorrow! i am not taking my camera because it is just to much to carry around (and i don't want to risk someone stealing it) but i will try and snap a few photos with my iphone. i'll let ya'll know how it is. here goes nothing! 

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