24 June 2011

in the week gone by

A Death In The Family by Lissy Elle

i think this photo sums up how i've been this week. between being sick (which rarely happens to me) and finals that start on monday, i have been exhausted and barely opened my computer. luckily, all of the madness should be over in a few days and i will be back to my regular posts! i am super excited because michael is coming to new york a week from tomorrow so we can have a few days together before he heads off to uganda. i can't believe it has been seven whole weeks since i last saw him. the summer is flying by! this weekend should be full of homework, a couple of shows, a visit from my lovely aunt and uncle, pride parade and some more homework. i'll keep you posted.

also, if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciated. for some reason, blogger is not allowing me to upload pictures!! being new to all this blog stuff i was hoping one of you might have a suggestion as to how i can fix it. thanks!

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  1. Hope you feel better next week! :)
    And blogger has had some issues for a while... I don't how to fix it... It seems like every blogger has a different issue. I can't follow blogs through GFC, for instance. =/

    xoxo, Ana