19 June 2011

avocado popsicles?

when cup of jo posted a recipe for avocado popsicles last week, i knew i needed to try them out asap. one afternoon on my staycation i decided that i should take advantage of the large freezer i had for a few days. after picking up some star-shaped popsicle molds, i was ready to go. the recipes were both very simple. i will say, though, that trying to stir the avocados was just not working for me so i switched to the blender. there is no way i could have gotten them as smooth by hand as the blender did in about 5 seconds. last night my cousin, rachel, came over and we shared them on the fire escape. we decided that we absolutely loved the greek yogurt. i mean, you just can't go wrong with greek yogurt and honey. i have a feeling these are going to be a regular in my freezer. the avocado popsicles were interesting. it's not that they were bad, it was just strange to have avocado flavor in the form of a frozen treat. i love avocado as much as the next person but the popsicles were a bit much. i did give some of the other avocado popsicles to the painters who were working on the apartment, though, and they loved them. those things were gone in less than five minutes! so, if you like avocado then they are definitely worth a try! here is the recipe for both popsicles.
please note rachel's lovely tan. i, on the other hand, have no tan lines to speak of. 
i was surprised how scary being on a fire escape six floors up was compared to my first floor fire escape. i definitely appreciate my first floor fire escape much more now. despite how scary it was, we had a pretty awesome view. i managed to snap a photo before being overcome with fear of falling or worse, dropping my camera. 


  1. Yeah it almost seems to be the wrong sort of "format" for an avocado. Felt the same way about avocado ice cream.