10 June 2011

for the dogs

today, as the little one and i were leaving washington square park, we came across this guy:
sorry for the photo quality. i only had my phone on me.
i don't think i've ever wanted to have a puppy more. how cute are these? the 'biscuit bike' carries dog treats from bocce's bakery. they are made with all natural, organic ingredients and come in flavors such as  chicken cordon bleu, grandma's apple pie, and pb+j. They are even 'human grade.' that's right! your dog doesn't have to be the only one getting a treat from their cart. i, however, decided to pass for today despite how closely the biscuits and cream resemble cupcakes. 

1 comment:

  1. the biscuit bike and the cute doggie treats that accompany it are so adorable! what a great idea - its like a mini food truck made especially for dogs!