12 June 2011

a sweet tart for my sweetheart

well, my sweetheart is actually not actually here but i miss him like crazy and wish he was here to share this with me! today was cold and rainy and i could not have been happier. it was a nice break from the 90 degree weather we have been having. it was even cool enough to start up the oven. after finding some lovely strawberries at the corner deli, i knew exactly what i wanted to make.
i found the recipe for this tart on smitten kitchen. i have never made it before and i was very pleased with the result. the crust is amazing! it tastes like a cookie. i still have two more disks of crust dough, so i might try out the lemon tart later this week. and, can i just say, i am in love with smitten kitchen. i have yet to try a recipe from her that i don't like. i can't wait for her cookbook! 
unfortunately, i have my summer midterms this week too. ugh. so i might be in and out this week. ah, well, at least i will have something tasty for my study breaks! 


  1. This looks amazing! What a lucky man...

  2. O.M.G. amazing. Wish I had that for dessert tonight.

  3. that looks so freaking good! i need to bake more! and when i say more i really mean that i really need to bake at all:) i can't believe it is that hot in NYC, just be glad you're not in TX right now, goodnight it is hot!

  4. Yuuum. This looks delicious! Thanks for your comment. You have a lovely blog.

    Your newest follower,
    Carla xx.