09 June 2011

too darn hot

today it got up to the mid nineties. with no a/c in my room, i had no choice but to escape to the fire escape after class this morning. for some reason, i thought it would be the perfect time to begin studying for the gre. heat+a giant princeton review book=terrible times. i brought out some mango sorbet and my record player which made it much more enjoyable. it didn't take long before i was napping on the fire escape, praying no one would notice me (and my camera and computer and record player) and attack me. luckily, i survived the nap with only a slight sunburn to show for it.
after watching the little one, i stopped by greenwich letterpress. that place is fantastic! everything they had was too cute. lots of the cards and stationary sets were ones i hadn't seen before either. i've found that lots of the little shops i've found have adorable paper goods, but they are all the same. i ended up with two notecards for my sweetheart and a tiny 'to do' notepad.
later on i met my friend, taylor, at guayoyo then headed back to my apartment with her for some fire escape time. we had a blast, as usual. taylor is one of the funniest people i know. seriously. someday she will be on snl and you will know what i'm talking about.
now, i'm camped out in my room, in the dark, trying to stay cool and hoping to hear from my darlin' soon. today is his first day on the ranch, where he will be working for the better part of the next three weeks, and cell service is very limited. and by very limited i mean he has to drive to the top of a hill to even have a chance at getting a couple of bars on his phone. ah, well, we are almost through week 5 of 8 until we are reunited. woohoo! i'm trying to not think about the two more months we will be apart after our little mid-summer visit.
here's a shot of him on the ranch last summer. the fence he's standing next to was one of his projects last year. apparently, he'll be building a gate this summer. yep, that cowboy's all mine(:


  1. precious. he looks so texas here. :)

    also, now i'm craving mango sorbet.

  2. NO A/C in your room? What???? I had to read that twice. I don't know how you do it! I mean...it's 100 degrees here already and I would literally melt away w/o a.c. :( Hope that sorbet cooled you off doll!