08 June 2011

baking inspiration

before reading on, watch this.
wasn't that video inspirational? i am dying to make this. unfortunately i cannot read the instructions! one of my summer goals is to bake once a week but so far i have failed. the thought of having the oven on in our already toasty apartment is not appealing. perhaps i need to find some more recipes that are oven-free. any suggestions?


  1. I posted a no bake key lime pie away back that is easy and delicious. I'm thinking you need to change your goal from baking to making desserts though, since you can't technically bake without an oven. No bake cheesecake, tiramisu, ice box cakes, ice cream bonbons, popsicles, dipped frozen bananas (into chocolate, nuts, candy, etc.) and parfaits are some things off the top of my head that don't require an oven or another form of heating. You can also make stove top (pudding), microwave (brownies), and semi-homemade creations (strawberry shortcake), in addition to using a grill and ice cream machine that I'm assuming you don't have. I also don't know what kind of flavors you enjoy, but there are a lot of recipes containing chocolate and peanut butter that are bake free. Plus you can make sorbets and ice cream without an ice cream making too. I don't know if this helped, but if you need specific recipes or more ideas, let me know.

  2. That looks like the perfect tiramisu!!