25 July 2011

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the weather in new york has been unbearable. with temperatures in the mid-100's, the steel and concrete that make up this lovely city turned into an oven. our poor little a/c window units just could not keep up. i also got terrible sick on saturday and spent most of the weekend on the couch watching 'say yes to the dress' and 'say yes to the dress: bridesmaids'. the second show certainly makes me think twice about whether i would want ten of my closest friends fighting over their favorite dress to wear in my wedding.  

this weekend i finally broke down and made the michael's-coming-home paper chain. thirty four links for the thirty four days until michael gets back from uganda. i'm not going to lie...these two weeks have gone by painfully slow. last summer, when michael was in taiwan, we had very few opportunities to talk over the six weeks. in fact, we didn't even speak on the phone until three weeks in. this summer has been great as far as communication has been. today i got a short sweet call to tell me he had been looking at the silly pictures of us i included in one of his letters. hearing him laughing so far on the other side of the phone completely made my day. 

we've been doing this long distance thing for over two years now and the hardest part for me is still the wishing. i get so caught up in wishing he was watching a movie and cuddling on the couch or walking along the hudson river with me. it really could be anything. don't get me wrong, i love having date nights and all that, but i treasure the moments we spend running errands or doing homework together. recently, i've been working hard to turn 'i wish...' into 'i can't wait until...' it's hard sometimes, but looking forward to things is much more uplifting than thinking about all that we are missing out on. and the truth of the matter is, even when we are apart, we aren't missing out. we both have many things going on in our lives but we always look forward to sharing them with each other.

one of my wishes turned into a solid plan last night when we got tickets to see porgy and bess over labor day. audra mcdonald, one of my all time favorite performers, will be starring in it. eee! i am so thrilled! you might know audra mcdonald from her role of private practice but she had a strong performance career long before that. here is a clip of her singing. over the past two years, i have been assigned at least half of the songs in her songbook. she is my go-to-girl for songs. and, she is amazing and watching her perform live from row g will be a dream come true. michael has decided that we (that is audra and me) should have a sing off. i told him, "we'll see."

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