19 July 2011

happy tuesday!

as usual, the weekend flew by. on saturday, i met my dear friends, molly and taylor, at my favorite place, whitman's. i would say that it is only a coincidence that i blog about it all the time and that i actually go to many different restaurants around the city, but that would not be true. 
we mixed it up a little bit and got the fried pickles to start off with. they were amazing, of course. i got the pb&b burger. i realize that sounds gross to most people, but, as molly and taylor will tell you, it is quite tasty. i'm not sure i would get it every day though -- with so many other delicious options!
after whitman's we went back to my apartment for some buttermilk pie on the fire escape...of course. molly suggested we go to the kelvin natural slush co. truck. i had never been before but i loved it!
i got ginger with white peach and miss molly got citrus with strawberry. 

the sky looked so lovely!
sunday was national ice cream day so taylor and i pick up some frosty treats near her new apartment in morningside heights. afterwards we hit the swings at riverside park. there were so many fireflies! i didn't realize they lived in the city. we also saw a bunny at petco that had been "rescued from the park." my mom pointed out that it would be like them having a squirrel in a cage that they "rescued from the park." we thought about taking the poor bunny back to the park but apparently you can only adopt bunnies between 2-5pm on saturdays. maybe next week... 


  1. Oh dear. That burger looks divine! :)

  2. YUMMM!!! I am so tempted to try that burger :) I have a weakness for anything fried and fried pickles are no exception. So good and bad for you.

  3. Actually, lots of people dump bunnies in parks to "free" them but most die or get killed because pet rabbits have been so domesticated they don't know what to do.

    On a much happier note, I LOVE fried pickles. What is that stuff you're dipping them in?