31 July 2011

show me your teeth

i am on vacation this week, visiting my parents and brother in tennessee for a long weekend. the weather has cooled down (just for me!) and we have even had some thunderstorms! i've been pretty much computer free this weekend, simply enjoying my family since this trip is so short. i'll be back in the city on tuesday. tonight is the beginning of shark week! i'm not sure what's gotten into me, i usually don't watch a minute of it, but i am super excited this summer! it must have something to do with my intense fear/ fascination with these amazing creatures. here are some shark-themed links for the week:

shark inspired fashion. i kinda love the swimsuits...

now this is my kind of shark!

the best and worst of shark films.

how to turn a watermelon into a shark.

some festive nail art

who doesn't love a good pair of shark socks?

incase you missed previous years, you can watch videos from past shark weeks here!

and, so we are all able to get back in the ocean after this week, here are twenty ways to avoid a shark attack.

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