03 August 2011

love from afar: my doctor-in-training

this weekend, michael sent out an email with a bunch of pictures from his first three and a half weeks in uganda. it was so wonderful to see pictures of where he is staying and from all the adventures i've been hearing about. it's funny to think about what completely different world we are in, me in manhattan and him in rural uganda. it looks beautiful, though, and i hope that we can go back together one day. mostly because i am dying to go on a safari(: 
naturally, i loved all of them but this one stuck out. it was taken during one of the many screenings for malnutrition they have done. out of all the photos, i think this is my favorite because it reminds me of the reasons why he is there. i miss him like crazy but i am so proud of him and all his group is doing. that being said, only three and a half weeks til he's back and i couldn't be more excited! 


  1. It's so great to know that there are amazing people like your sweetie making such a difference in the world :) Send my best to him! I will be helping you count down the days til he's back in the states!

  2. this picture makes me sigh and smile at the same time. you must be so proud that your bf has gone to help those less fortunate--what a sweetheart:)