30 August 2011

bunny love

well, the city is back to normal. it was the strangest thing walking around after the storm. windows were boarded or taped, nothing was open, giant trees had been uprooted from the sidewalk. luckily, there was little damage done in my area. we were very lucky. and, we didn't have to do an emergency at home birth for the little one's mama. yay! unfortunately, it set back my trip to boston a few more days. definitely not what i had planned or hoped for, but it's not the end of the world. so, tomorrow i will be taking the late night bus to boston to finally be reunited with my sweetheart. finally being the key word here. yesterday i was feeling down about the whole situation so my friend, lydia, and i went and visited the rabbits at pet co. seeing these cuddly little guys with their little scrunching noses is guaranteed to brighten my day. here are a few of my favorite bunny friends from pinterest. 
what's guaranteed to make you smile? 


  1. The last one is SO CUTE. I just want to tickle their bellies!

    French Bulldog puppies are definitely a way to get me to smile...

  2. I'm glad you're safe! I definitely think these bunnies would cheer me up too...how do they get so cute?! :) -Lo