26 August 2011

don't rain on my parade, irene! + fill in the blank friday

i should be packing to go meet my sweetheart in boston right now and doing last minute studying for the gre. instead, i am packing a go bag and waiting to hear if my zone has been ordered for evacuation or not. this is not what i planned for my weekend. the little one is still an only child, too. we are all praying the new baby doesn't come during the worst of the storm! with the subways closing in less than twenty four hours, i am starting to really get scared of what this weekend might hold. i'm from west texas. i grew up with dust storms and tornados but never hurricanes. flooding and flying debris (especially in new york) is not something i can even process. being barely 21 year old, i like to think of myself as a young adult, but right now i feel like a child. i just want someone else to deal with all the storm preparations. i want someone else to tell me what to do.
but what can you do but wait and see what happens. please send prayers or positive thoughts or whatever you've got to the east coast. we are going to need it. 

before i go, here is my fill in the blank friday:

1. one of life's most simple pleasures is a picnic in the sunshine with a hand to hold.

2. the gre makes me want to punch someone.

3. i like bunnies because, they are soft and cuddly and they have cute noses. 

4.  falafel is a funny word.

5. if I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be ginger souffle from origins. it works magic on dry skin and smells heavenly. 

6. i'm happy that there are four seasons that each have wonderful things to offer.

7. i would never make someone sad on purpose.

I hope everyone has a safe weekend!


  1. Falafal is a funny word. Ha!

  2. Agreed- Falafel IS a funny word.

    Loving your blog! Found you through Lauren's Fill in the Blanks!