06 August 2011

dream getaway: false bay, south africa

sound familiar? well, if you have been watching shark week like i have, then you have probably heard it mentioned several times. this is where you can see the great white sharks breaching. thats right, breaching. i'm talking 25 ft. of shark being thrust out of the water. it's pretty incredible. i have informed michael that we will be going there and he did not put up a fight (how could he? it's crazy awesome!). for now though, it is only a dream. i'll have to start a new savings envelope for my babysitting money to start saving for the trip. i've looked at a couple different tour companies and they have trips where you can get in a cage and the sharks come right up to you. i'm a huge scaredy cat, but i would totally get in a cage. 
am i crazy? is there anyone else out there who thinks that would be an awesome experience?


  1. Seriously, these are my favourite animal. I have always been in ore of their grace and power. What magnificant creatures they are.

  2. Whoa! Does that actually happen?? Well, I am sure it does, but the picture makes it look like a whale :) Totally awesome!