17 August 2011

fall favorites

yesterday, the high in new york was 72. 72! it was such a fall tease, and i loved it. here are some things i can't wait for this fall:

tights and socks,
festive weekend getaways,
apple cider & apple cider doughnuts from the farmer's market,
a trip to chicago in october to watch my daddy run the chicago marathon (i'm so proud:),
Photo: A sculpture sitting in front of high-rise buildings
bus rides between boston and new york,
6 - Fung Wah bus ticket window, Chinatown NYC
and new england fall foliage.
what are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. I love these looks! and those big comfy socks... i need them!
    xox dana

  2. Ohhhh my goodness. I'm so ready for fall to start showing itself around TN! These photos of leaves, tights, and chunky socks... I'm so excited.