20 August 2011

fill in the blank friday

as you may know, today is in fact saturday. i've always wanted to start doing fill in the blank friday but am too late. today, when i saw the post on the lovely hunter, i thought, "finally! i remembered on a friday!" well, as i was finishing up the post i realized something--today is not friday. today is saturday. my bad. i decided to share anyway. i hope you enjoy! and, hopefully i can make it on friday next week! 
1. my most favorite birthday was pretty much all of them. my parents were always great at making sure my big day was extra special.

2. my worst birthday was my 20th. it was the first one i spent away from my family and i sobbed because i thought i was so old, hah.

3. my favorite birthday memory is waking up on my sixth birthday to an adorable lab puppy. i named her sprinkle (after the dannon yogurts with sprinkles in the lids). i mean, what kid doesn't want a puppy for their birthday?

4. the best birthday present I've ever received was the puppy, sprinkle, and the record player from michael this year.

5. the best birthday present I've ever given was i have no idea....

6. birthdays are the best. they are such a wonderful time to celebrate the people you love.

7. my favorite age so far has been 21. it just keeps getting better.

are you a big birthday person? do you often forget what day of the week it is? 


  1. i have your answer to #5! it is the mustache mug you gave me. now that i think about it, i can't actually remember if that was for my birthday or just for fun, but i'll assume it was for my birthday...

  2. i have done SO many of these on saturday :) it's never too late. i think that's a pretty good motto to have in life, actually.
    funny that you can laugh about thinking 20 was old.