09 September 2011

yesterday's find + fill in the blank friday!

yesterday, i stopped by the strand to find some plays i need for class. as i was leaving, i happened to notice these lovely books on the $2.00 cart. i couldn't pass them by! i love the illustrations on the inside and outside! they will fit nicely into my growing children's book collection. they almost have an entire shelf to themselves (which is saying something because picture books take up about a 1/4" at most.)

here's the fill in the blank friday for the week:

1. somewhere someone is waking up to a beautiful tomorrow!

2. audra mcdonald is/are my muse. (but you guys knew that already:)

3. it would suck if ice was no more because, i would die of dehydration and be very sad.

4. sunshine and candy corn pumpkins is/are my favorite thing about today.

5. life is kind of like

6. if i could have anything i wanted, i would want a giant hug from my sweetheart.

7. a funny thing happened the other day... when we watched them blowing up a giant doll in time square from the office window!

#5 really stumped me! i'll have to think about that one this weekend and get back to you guys. speaking of this weekend, i am super excited about my trip to ikea with my cousin, rachel, tomorrow. who doesn't love a good ferry ride and some cheap shopping? i am reevaluating my organization system, so i'm hoping to find some helpful things.

what are you up to this weekend? 

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  1. I love old children books. I loved to reed Heidi when I was a little girl :)