07 September 2011

instagram lovin'

1: preparing for the hurricane with tuna&avocado and my rain boots. 
2: the final days of the paper chain.
3: my humane trap for the mouse in my room...who never showed up again.
1: henry (mine) and lapinou (the little one's) became best friends during the hurricane. they bonded over their lack of diapers and sandals.
2: at the children's museum of art.
3: picnic at the park.
1: preparing for my future roll as a bunny mama.
2: oh, how i wish we had stores this size in new york.
3: john legend.
1: deer in the yard in tennessee.
2: chai latte from ost.
3: whitman's!!


  1. I loooove these instagram shots. I am totally fond of instagram and I want an iphone only to take pictures!

  2. I am so in love with instagram! (let me know your name and I'll follow you!) These pictures are great! Thanks so much for visiting my blog..I appreciate it so much! I am now your latest follower and am digging your blog so very much! :) -Lo