11 October 2011

hour by hour: boston to chicago

six a.m. ::taxi to the airport
seven a.m. ::sunrise at the airport
eight a.m. ::waiting.
nine a.m. ::in the air!
(a candid after many failed attempts at taking a cute airplane picture.)
ten a.m. ::inside the chicago airport. it was definitely the nicest airport i have ever been to. i was lovin' those moving walkways. although, i preferred simply riding them.
eleven a.m. ::a welcoming gift from my parents.
twelve p.m. ::my first walk around chicago
one p.m. :: the beginning of our hour long wait for pizza...
two p.m. :: it was totally worth it.
three p.m. :marathon expo. i cannot tell you how many samples i had. unfortunately, most everything they had was loaded with protein and other stuff people need after a 26.2 mile run, so i was not feeling to hot afterwards. 
four p.m. ::view out over the lake.
five p.m. ::admiring the lovely foliage while waiting for the bus.
six p.m. ::some more walking around...
seven p.m. ::and, of course, a stop for a sundae. my family loves sugar of every kind and will take any opportunity to enjoy it.
eight p.m ::the hour my life long dream came true. while the boys were checking out the lego stuff, mom and i went next door to american girl place. it was amazing. i was devastated, though, when i found out that samantha has been "archived."
i mean, come on, who are these girls and how could they possibly be cooler that samantha? 
nine p.m. ::pool time
ten p.m. ::drinks at pops with one of my oldest friends alice. i have not seen her in who knows how long. it was so wonderful to catch up! 
(taken the next day when you could actually see it.)
eleven p.m. ::walked back to the hotel past the apple store shrine for steve jobs. 

the trip was amazing and i can't wait to share more tomorrow! hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!!


  1. Ohhh Giordanno's! My parents live about an hour south of Chicago, and I try to visit friends in the city a few times a year. And Giordanno's is absolutely one of my favorite bits of Chicago. Man, I'm drooling right now. Also, I love that you loved the Chicago airport. I find O'Hare to be the hub of hell (way too many bad experiences flying in and out of there!), but I've never had any trouble at Midway!

  2. i was totally a samantha girl too. RIP beautiful Victorian era doll with your trunk-like torso and awesome bed. i've been meaning to make a trip to Chicago and these pictures pretty much solidified my resolve to get there in the next year.

    ( maybeimanorangepeel.blogspot.com )

  3. I always heard Chicago was a beautiful city, but after seeing your pictures, I really want to visit!