05 October 2011

while i was out...

i can't believe it has been almost two weeks since my last post. things have been crazy around here. last week, an old friend had a brain aneurism and passed away. it was quite a shock. at first, i spent all my time watching his facebook page for updates. then, when they finally let him go, i just stopped getting on the computer all together. i'm not really sure what to say about everything. i guess it will just take time to process...this weekend, i went to boston. we were supposed to go see candide and go on a fancy date and attend a 90's party but i started getting these terrible coughing fits and felt horrible so we spent the evening watching tv shows and eating thai food instead. well, yesterday, my cough turned into bronchitis so i've been in bed for the past two days. 
all that to say, i have been on a much needed blogging break, but i hope to be back to normal soon! this weekend, michael and i are flying to meet my parents and brother in chicago to watch my daddy run in the chicago marathon. i am super excited to a) see my family and b) visit chicago for the first time!! if any of you have suggestions of places to visit, let me know! 
here are some instagram photos from the past week and a half:
the weather has been much cooler and we have had quite a bit of rain. i love it! being sick is so much better when it is cool enough to curl up in bed will blankets and a giant sweatshirt. 
8am french class doodle. 
our thai date.
homework in harvard square.
i spent over 11 hours on the bus this weekend. my back is still hurting!
sick day lunch date with molly. this is what just about every meal has looked like for the past couple days. luckily, i love soup! 


  1. I love your instagram shots especially the first one qhich is amazing. I hope you'll get better and happier very soon ...

  2. i am so sorry about your friend. hope you are feeling better, and have a great time in boston!