24 October 2011

lovely lockets

aren't these delightful? here are some of my favorite locket rings from around etsy. they are so sweet! i'm not a fan of bulky rings (in fact, this is the only ring i own, and i love it.) but i don't find these rings to be too bulky at all. these rings are also a great way to carry a little spring and summer with you through the winter.
RoseMarie's Locket - Vintage Flower Locket Ringsunshine - locket ring
Daisy locket ring-available in 4 colors
Moonlit leaf - adjustable vintage locket ring


  1. Oooh locket rings -- what a fantastic idea. Love them, especially that first one <3

  2. These are super cute! So is your blog, your header is all kinds of adorable! I'm now following!