28 October 2011

braving the cold + fill in the blank friday

Cannot wait to visit NYC in two weeks. This photo is stunning.
at the beginning of the semester, i remember saying that i was totally set on cold weather clothes. i didn't buy any new clothes last fall or winter (minus a few pretty dresses for special occasions) so i thought this year would be the same way. well, i was wrong. i guess i forgot one minor detail: the past three school years, i have spent half my week in tights and leotards for studio. turns out those are not appropriate for an internship! (don't worry, i have not actually attempted wearing my dance clothes to the office:) now, i am in serious need of work appropriate, warm clothes. i prefer not to do much thrifting in new york (especially for clothes) because it is so much more expensive than in texas or tennessee, but, this weekend, i am going to give it another go. we'll see what happens! 

as far as halloween goes, it's going to be pretty boring around here. in fact, this is the first time i have even mentioned it on here. i'm not big on halloween (shocking, i know) but i'm sure i will get dressed up at least once... michael and i usually do something in the boston area but we both have school on monday and tuesday. we went to salem two years ago and it was awesome! we got there early so we could do a lot of exploring but by the end of the day we were the only ones under the age of 60 who were not in costume. we looked pretty cool. i'm just ready to move on to thanksgiving and christmas! i've got the christmas music on repeat already. something just occurred to me, maybe i would like halloween better if it was a school holiday! anyway, here is my fill in the blank friday:

1. when i was a kid i wanted to be a marine biologist when i grew up.

2. as an adult, my dream job would be anything with small children. i would love to have a small in-home preschool someday!

3. when i was younger i wanted to be just like hermoine. i was a pretty cool kid. 

4. the childhood halloween costume that i remember most was when i was peacock. i got to wear the costume from our town's 'nutcracker' and had a full length feather tail. i was pretty disappointed when my mom wouldn't let me jump on the trampoline at the fall festival though. looking back, i understand why(:

5. my favorite childhood toy was my backyard. i realize that's not an actual toy, but that is definitely where i spent the majority of my time. i was a climber.

6. the time i got into the biggest amount of trouble when i was a kid was when i ...not sure. i have always been very careful about not getting into trouble. i'm sure my mom would remember a few times that could qualify though, haha. 

7. i get daily inspiration from the people around me, my childhood experiences, and other lovely bloggers. 

do y'all have any big plans for the weekend? am i the only one who doesn't love halloween? 


  1. i was a good kid too :)

    marine biologist, how awesome that would be!

    happy friday!

  2. Hermione! What a perfect choice.

    I'm not a big fan of Halloween lately, mostly because it's been disappointing since I got too old to trick or treat.

  3. i just found your blog and love it. i saw in time this weekend and loved it!

  4. halloween is stupid. unless you're a kid. i always think i have everything i need for the season. somehow that never works out.