26 January 2012

deep in the heart of texas

well, day three of school and i am ready for another break.. this probably doesn't come as a huge surprise considering everything else that is going on. going back to texas and tennessee over break was so wonderful that i almost forgot i had to come back for another semester of school. i go back and fourth between not wanting to be in new york at school and not wanting to ever leave new england. toady, i am dreaming of days on the ranch. here are some pictures from our stay over winter break:
michael's mom was the only one to find anything on our arrowhead hunt. she found part of a spear head! it was very exciting.
look at those handsome men!
can you spot muffin (the dog)? we sure had a hard time. she blends in perfectly to the terrain on the ranch. needless to say, we misplaced her a couple times on our hunt. 
another little friend! look at those lil' legs scurrying across the road! so precious.


  1. wow! these photos are gorgeous. looks like such a beautiful place!

    just found your blog and im following :) x

  2. the last picture is gorgeous! Makes me think of summer spent round a campfire (: