25 January 2012

(the first) wedding wednesday!

yay for wedding planning! i don't know about y'all, but i have been planning my wedding since i was very young. as you can guess, the plans have changed a lot over the years. regardless, i already had a good idea of exactly what i wanted when the actual planning began. as i said on sunday, we are six and a half months out and we already have the big items checked off the list. the only big thing missing is the invitations. it's so hard because there are so many great ones! here are some of my favorite designs:

these are from love vs. design. one of the things that i love about them is that you have an option to either let them print the cards for you or print them yourself! great for diy invites if you don't have the time (or knowledge, that's me!) to design them yourself!

here is a stunning design from tabiha emma.
Whimsical Floral Hand Lettered Wedding Invitation4 550x402 Tabitha + Daniels Whimsical Illustrated Wedding Invitations
and how could i possibly turn down two love bunnies?! seriously, these are adorable! (by mitchell and dent)

i love the neon by ladyfingers letterpress! not sure it goes with our design theme but it is still awesome!! 
oh so beautiful paper has a great index of designers. be sure and check it out!

*note: so that this doesn't become a wedding blog (and so the wedding doesn't take over my life) i will be reserving wednesdays for wedding chat. 

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