21 January 2012

while i was out...

well, hello everyone! it certainly has been a while. i had no idea that my winter vacation was going to be busier than the semester! here's a bit of what i've been up to (there will be more on each later!):
-celebrated christmas in nashville
-and new years in texas
-found my wedding dress
-found my photographer, venue, cake maker, caterer, florist (for the big things), and rehearsal dinner location.
-decided on attire for the wedding party
-completed wedding registry, which, surprisingly enough, was the most stressful item i've checked off my to-do list
-flew back to nyc 
-took a day trip to philadelphia to look at wedding bands at bario neal. that place is awesome! 
-started back at my internship and my lovely pick-up's with the little one. the little one absolutely adores michael. yesterday, we were all holding hands while we walked to the park and the little one said "you have big hands. you could drive trucks! ...like fire trucks.. and garbage trucks.." now he calls him the "truck driver." it's pretty adorable.
-and, most recently, we booked our honeymoon!! we are both super excited and wish we could just skip ahead to august 20th. 

my final semester of college will officially start on monday. i can't believe it! leaving new york will be bitter sweet, but for now i'm planning on making the most of the next four months. i hope everyone has had a lovely start to the new year! happy winter to old friends and new!

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