13 February 2012

a weekend in maine

hello darlings! two items on my list of things to do before i leave the north east are (1) see a lighthouse and (2) go to maine. well, this weekend, michael and i traveled up the coast to maine. it was so relaxing and delightful. i don't think we mentioned wedding planning once! we stopped off at the cape neddick "nubble" lighthouse. the view was amazing. there was something wonderful about the calm that comes with winter in a summer town.
our cute 'lil zipcar

crazy wind = crazy hair

on the second day we took a stroll along marginal way. it was snowing like crazy but the views were still breathtaking.

 my bean boots in their homeland.

in order to keep me warmer, michael insisted that i have his jacket(because the longer i stayed warm, the longer i stayed happy, & the longer we got to hike :). boy, was i lookin' good! 

i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
and, i'm curious, does anyone else love to go to places "out of season"? or, do you prefer going when all the shops are open and there are lots of other lovely travelers? 


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend! Your bean boots are cute. I like being in places with lots of fresh faces and when the place itself is thriving.


    1. thank you ma'am!
      i agree, that is a fun time to meet new people too!

  2. So cute! And love, love, love your boots!