07 February 2012

guess who's allergic to rose gold...

that would be me. 
crazy, right!? 
i had been noticing that my engagment ring was leaving a black ring around my finger that looked kinda like a bruise. i went in a few days after we got engaged and the lady i talked to told me that it was probably from dirt getting caught under it. (in her defense, i hadn't taken a picture of it so she was going purely off my description.) well the other day it was really bad so i took a picture:
(it's kinda hard to see in this picture, but you get the idea!)
the next day, i took the ring & the photo into greenwich jewelers (where michael purchased it). they decided that i'm allergic to the copper in the gold which is why my finger was turning black. they offered to put in a lining of platinum (for free!!) so that the rose gold wouldn't be on my finger but i can still keep my ring. i was so relieved!! it was terribly hard leaving it at the jewelers  for a week, i don't know what i would have done if i had had to get another one all together! 
now i have one more reason to be excited about thursday!! only two more days until i get to see my darlin' (it's been three long weeks) and spend a long weekend in maine/boston! woo hoo! 
hope everyone is having a lovely tuesday! 


  1. Oh thank goodness! I love rose gold--it's so pretty. Have fun in Boston!

  2. I love rose gold! It is so gorgeous. What a relief to know you can have your ring and wear it too!! I would hate to have to choose a new ring.