08 February 2013

a long time gone.

hello there! my, it has been quite a while since i have posted anything. here are a few updates since we were together last...

1: michael and i got married. woohoo!! everything went just as i had hoped. i can't wait to share more of the details with you guys! 
2: we moved to north carolina! after months of planning a move to seattle, we completely changed our minds. (: north carolina has been lovely. the town we live in is very different from new york and boston which is a nice change of pace. we have loved getting to know our little area. it helps that this place has some of the best food i have ever eaten.. more on that later.

3: i got a job as a nanny for a precious family near by. it has been lovely and i am enjoying a break from homework and classes. it's hard to complain when my days are filled with trips to kids museums and art projects.

4: after months of fulltime studying, michael took the mcat. i am so unbelievably proud of him. i certainly don't have the discipline to study 12+ hours a day, everyday. i guess it's good i'm not the one going to med school!

5: we got a bunny!!!! after years of bunny dreams, i finally have one of my own. her name is rosemary and i still can't get over her precious little self! she is seriously dominating my instagram... be prepared to see many cute bunny pictures all the time.
talk to you soon...

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  1. so many fun changes, from getting married to getting a bunny! + adorable photos :))