11 February 2013

weekend joy

she was not so sure about the camera...

with the mcat over and finally settling into my new job, weekends have become my favorite. i would have to say that best part about the weekends is being home when it's light outside. i fell in love with all the natural light in our apartment and it is such a joy to bask in it on lazy saturday mornings. we spent the weekend getting organized around the house and cooking. our fall was jam packed with visitors and visits. we loved getting to explore our new home with the people we love, but we also managed to leave a ton of boxes unpacked in the office/guest room. the house is slowly but surely coming together. we are hoping to have the walls all decorated by the time our next batch of visitors arrive. 

i made a pin come to life this weekend in the form of vanilla bean sugar cookies. ah-mazing. i highly recommend them. one of the best things about them was the fact that they keep their cookie cutter shape, something i highly admire in a sugar cookie. we are also starting week 3 of the whole living detox. the first week was rough sometimes (i just wanted to cover everything in goat cheese!!) but things are much better and there are some truly fantastic recipes. more on that later...

the rest of our weekend was totally monopolized by our sweet rosemary. she was "fixed" a couple weeks ago and is finally back to her cuddly self, minus to crazy hormones that were causing her to growl at us. growling bunnies are no joke. 

last but definitely not least, michael's brother got engaged!! i can't wait to celebrate this summer. chelsea is a gem and we are over the moon for them both. woohoo!!

happiest of valentine's week everyone! 

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