19 February 2013

beet crazy

after a week of temperatures in the 50's, we had a weekend full of ice and snow. although we had already planned a bike trip around town, the icy roads kept us inside for most of the weekend. not wanting to run to the store on saturday we roasted up some beets and brussel sprouts and mixed them with some left over quinoa. delicious, and the house smelled amazing. michael used the left over beets to make some roasted beet hummus. it was super tasty! i am a lucky girl (:

i was always turned off to beets because they are so pink, it just doesn't seem natural. now that i know they are actually fantastic, i have been on the look out for some more recipes. my aunt gave me a recipe for a chocolate beet cake (very intriguing) but that's about all i've got! 

are you a fan of beets? if so, do you have any good beet recipes to share? 

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