15 February 2013

vday joy

did everyone have a lovely valentine's day? michael surprised me with a trip to tru. afterwards, we went to a show at the morehead planetarium called lovers in the stars. it was awesome! i haven't been to a planetarium show in ages and it was pretty awesome that they used live video of the stars above us (minus the light pollution!). after that we and opened our little gifts. rosemary thoroughly enjoyed michael's favorite game of 'hide the treat' in the gift bags.

i hope everyone has a lovely weekend! i'll leave you with some lovely links from around the web.

the loveliest trivet.

what would you do for a krispy kreme doughnut?

my polarn o. pyret leggings came in the mail last week and they are now the only thing i wear at home. i lay in bed every morning trying to figure out how i can wear them to work. haven't thought of anything yet..

six different vantage points of the meteor the struck western siberia today.

this movie looks spectacular!


  1. Sounds like such a sweet V-day. I would love to go to the planetarium. It has been way too long.