15 April 2013

north carolina springtime

my, oh my! how the time is flying! i cannot believe that it is april already! we have been running in a million directions these past couple months. my brother, parents and our cousin, rachel, all came to visit, keeping our weekends full of sweet reunions. i have been spending my work days running around with to two little ones i am nannying. it is an absolute joy getting to explore all the amazing places that this area has to offer! the flowers have been breathtaking! the picture above is from one of our recent picnics at duke gardens. 
between starting two new jobs, a volunteer research position and preparing for med school applications, michael has been running around like crazy. i will be so excited for the applications to be submitted and for us to have a short break from the craziness before interviews start. we are figuring out how to navigate these crazy schedules, though, which give me peace because i know this is only the beginning!
we have had a major change of plans this month. although we had originally planned on staying in north carolina for at least two years, we found out that i was accepted to a graduate program at nyu. that means we will be headed back to nyc in the fall! i have already picked out my back to school gear. michael pointed out that i am going to grad school, not kindergarden, but i find that to be irrelevant  the best part of the program is that i will be able to finish next summer, right before we head off to med school. we are so excited to be back with all our friends and family in the north, although i am dreading the apartment search...
and rosemary, she is just as fluffy and cuddly as ever. 

cheers to a lovely week! 

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