02 May 2013

oh, how i love may. it is officially my birthday month --the big 23. woohoo! this month is also the month of medical school applications, round 1. i am trying very hard not to stress about the applications 24/7, but it's pretty difficult. we are also going to the beach with michael's family this month and it can't come fast enough. 

i've decided to start setting a few goals every in hopes it makes completing them easier (: 
  • finish michael pollan's in defense of food and the omnivore's dilemma. i'm almost done with the later but it's not the best bedtime book. 
  • sort through our warm and cold weather clothes
  • start a list of things we are going to leave behind during our move
  • train rosemary to not eat the table. this will probably be the most challenging...
  • actually wash the clothes when they reach the top of the hamper, not when we run out of clean clothes to wear
  • keep up pilates  
  • don't get burned at the beach..
  • take more bike rides
  • make more lunches
  • stop driving myself crazy looking at apartments that won't be around when we need one
do you have any goals for may? 

1 comment:

  1. I love those goals! Med school applications are the worst- besides studying for boards which we are in right now (and when I say we I really mean not me, but my husband)