31 May 2011

a little from today

i don't know about y'all but my holidays are usually spent catching up on things i needed to do on my regular days. here are a few things i did today (aside from the piles of homework): 

i took the little one (fresh off the plane from paris) to pier 51. they have a wonderful little water park where everyone can play and stay cool. i now have a sunburn on one shoulder. it's odd, though, because i'm pretty sure that same shoulder is the only place i put sunscreen. we also spent some time walking along hudson river park. it was beautiful today.
i made my desk go from this
 to this.
i found a place for my pom pom garland.
and finally i stared a project for my sweetheart while he is in uganda for the second half of the summer. i will share more in july, once i have shared it with him. 
anyone do anything special this holiday? i would love to hear.


  1. doesnt it feel good to clean your desk off, I love it when it is clean now only if it would stay that way.

  2. I feel as though I'm always starting projects to give to my boyfriend now that he's further away. Oh and I spy a bag of wint-o-green mints! I found one in my purse the other day and thought of your obsession (and my past obsession) with them :)