02 June 2011

hello june!

here is some instagram love from may:

may was just delightful, and boy did it fly by! this week is already going by so fast! between helping my cousin move into her new apartment, time with the little one, and classes i have barely had time to catch my breath. i promise to be back soon with more love. for now, i leave you with this, a lovely song for a lazy summer afternoon:


  1. Where are all these amazing photos from! I love the macaroons :D

    Come follow my blog hun!

  2. Gotta love instagram:) thanks for your sweet comments. Why is your bf going to Uganda? That is so exciting!

  3. cecylia- thanks :) they are from the instagram iphone app!

    sofia- he is volunteering with a childhood malnutrition treatment program through massachusetts general hospital! it is exciting but i will miss him a bunch. this summer consists of 2 two month chunks of time apart with only five days in the middle!